Review questions for HW 10

1. Under thermal noise limited detection and shot noise limited detection, which case will require less photons for acceptable BER?
shot noised limited detection

2. Name one situation that you have shot noise limited detection.
Amplification of APD or optical amplifier is large or temperature very low (0K).

3. What are the 2 major types of optical amplifiers?
Semiconductor based and fiber based OAs.

4. What is the difference between 1R generator and 2R generator?
2R has pulse reshaping.

5. For EDFA, which pumping wavelength has the highest efficiency?

6. If we limit the optical bandwidth which noise term will be dominant in EDFA?
sig-ASE noise.

7. What is the best pumping configuration for amplification based on SRS?
Counter pump or backward pump.

8. What is the additional noise introduced by an optical amplifier?
Amplified spontaneous emission noise.

9. What are the additional components, besides WGR, required to make a multifreq laser?
Optical amplifiers and mirrors/directional couplers.

10. Name 2 method for making a frequency converter.
Modulation with gain saturation and FWM.

11. What is the function of dynamic equalizer?
To make the gain equal for all channels.

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